Family Feature: The Suhys, A Step Closer to Achieving Goals for College

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When their daughter, Tori, wanted to transfer to out of public high school, the Suhy family knew Saint Joe’s would be a good fit. Tori was looking for a more challenging academic program to get her as prepared as possible for college, and she and her parents knew the smaller class sizes would benefit her, too.

The Suhys knew they’d do whatever it took to get Tori into an environment where she could thrive; thanks to their commitment and help from financial aid, Tori was able to start her junior at Saint Joe’s, where she’s thriving.

With more challenging coursework and a more personal attention, Tori’s mother, Mindi, is confident she will be better prepared for college. Most importantly, she knows that Tori is building a strong foundation not just academically, but for life. Tori has shared with her that she’s thankful for the opportunity to be open about her faith and to further develop it at school.

“Having a faith-based element in school makes a difference,” Mindi says. “The students are learning to be kind to each other. They also learn what it means to give back and help the community. I believe that all of this builds a foundation for their future.”

Tori was thrilled to be inducted into the National Honor Society and the National Spanish Honor Society, and is enjoying the fellowship aspect of Saint Joe’s, such as working together for service projects and enjoying special holiday meals together at school. Tori’s dedication to success extends beyond academics—she’s an accomplished dancer, putting in 20 hours per week in the studio and competing on a national level.

The Suhys hope that encourage more parents to consider Saint Joe’s so that more students have the opportunity to benefit from the unique aspects of Catholic education.

Q&A with Tori Suhy

Q: What is your favorite thing about attending Saint Joe’s? 

A: The small class sizes

Q: What does receiving a Catholic education mean to you? 

A: Being able to study my faith as part of my education is very important to me.

Q: What activities do you participate in? 

A: I am in the National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society. Outside of school, I dance about 20 hours a week.

Q: What are your future aspirations? 

A: I want to attend Scared Heart University and study Nutritional Science and Kinesiology and minor in Dance.

Q: What advice do you have for future Saint Joe’s students? 

A: Make the most of the opportunities that you are given and embrace your faith at school.

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