SJCA Student Earns Perfect ACT Score

 by STJ_Admin

SJCA student Patrick Johnson may not have set out to earn a perfect score on the American College Testing (ACT) exam, but he did just that by scoring a perfect 36.

Johnson acknowledges the rigor of the ACT saying, “The ACT was one of the hardest tests I have ever taken, and rightfully so.” 

According to the ACT website, more than 1.8 million graduates take the ACT exam each year. Jennifer Mallett, Head of School, notes that, on average, only around one-tenth of one percent of all test takers earn the top score. To put things into perspective, the ACT national office reports that “Among US high school graduates in the class of 2017, just 2,760 out of more than two million students who took the ACT earned a composite score of 36.”

So how does one prepare to take such a rigorous exam? Johnson says that the best way to prepare for the test is by studying. After taking more than 15 practice tests, Johnson believes that “The more familiar you can be with the possible concepts and problems of the test, the better you will perform.”

In addition to studying, Johnson credits both Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy and his parents for his success. “Along with guidance from my parents and teachers, I was given the opportunity to do my best, and I am glad I could make them proud.”

As for Patrick’s parents, Laureen and Lowell, they are very proud of their son’s accomplishment. Growing up, they have always told their sons to “Be the person that God has intended you to be and to use your gifts to honor him.” Johnson’s parents continued on to say that they felt as though Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy’s focus on both faith and scholarship has especially helped in reminding Patrick of that plan. 

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