Wolf Pack Ambassadors Represent SJCA with Pride

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Prospective families considering Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy for their children can read brochures, look the school up online and check out the Facebook page, but nothing makes quite the impact of meeting a Wolf Pack Ambassadors.

A select group of some of our exceptional students who choose to step up to the plate, Wolf Pack Ambassadors make a multi-year commitment to representing SJCA with pride and integrity by embodying the four pillars.

The student ambassadors must demonstrate a strong work ethic, natural leadership abilities, strong character and a commitment to the overall SJCA mission.

These students play a vital role in attracting new students to our school and representing SJCA in the community. On any given day, you will Wolf Pack Ambassadors giving campus tours, assisting during new student orientation, mingling at student and parent events and, in general, being good stewards of the SJCA school community.

The experience of being an ambassador provides valuable lessons.  As liaisons and spokespersons for SJCA, students learn interpersonal and communication skills, problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills that are even more invaluable later on in their lives. Students also have the opportunity to meet a wide array of new people in the community, making connections with not only SJCA administration and faculty, but also with businesspeople and families. This unique experience prepares students for success in their post-secondary education and their future careers.

Hear what a few of our Wolf Pack Ambassadors have said about their experiences at SJCA, and you’ll see just how well-equipped this group of students is to represent our growing school.

“I knew SJCA would prepare me for the future and I was drawn to the strong sense of community,” says Junior Ava Starks. “At SJCA, I have the opportunity to know everyone in my school. We are smaller than most high schools, but our size allows us to know each other regardless of grade level. The teachers are amazing; they provide a positive learning environment for their students and they instill the four pillars of faith, scholarship, leadership and service into each and every one of us. Students also have many opportunities at SJCA; from campus ministry to planning events, students always have a chance to get involved and show their leadership skills. Lastly, SJCA prepares students for their futures. As a college preparatory high school, students are able to partake in SAT prep and job shadowing opportunities. What we learn in class today will help us now and in our future careers.”

Ava’s peer Aidan Badger agrees, “The school environment is great. We’re like a family here. We have small class sizes, which allows for one-on-one time with teachers. The teachers really want you to succeed, so they help you do that. It’s a college preparatory school, so the work is hard, but the teachers help you through the whole thing. Since we’re like a family, the students help you, too… Our school is growing, I hope to see more people show up here in the future.”

To learn more about why the Ambassadors love SJCA, watch the school Facebook page! Each Ambassador will be featured there with their SJCA story.

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