Karen Haar

Ms. Karen Haar
Teaching Faculty
Advisor, Math League
Advisor, Ski Club


Education and Certifications:
MA, University of Texas at Austin
BS, Pennsylvania State University
CC, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
PA Teacher Certification - Math, Social Studies, and English
ESL Certification

English As A Second Language
Secondary Social Studies
Curriculum and Instruction
Secondary Education

Accompanying Experience:
Peace Corps Volunteer, Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contributions towards promoting Sustainable Development, Global Understanding, and World Peace (Presented by the President of the United States)
College Teaching in USA and Japan

Teaching Since: 1993

Teaching at Saint Joseph's Since: 2020

Why Saint Joseph's?
Saint Joseph's is a school full of fun-loving, academically minded students who continually strive to be their own selves at their very best all of the time. Saint Joseph's students make teaching a truly enjoyable endeavor, and I am appreciative of the positive learning environment created by the entire Saint Joseph's community.


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy

901 Boalsburg Pike, Boalsburg, PA 16827
(814) 808-6118