Student Life

Student life

Saint Joseph’s recognizes the importance and benefits of clubs for our students. Clubs not only allow students to explore their interests, but clubs enable students to take on active, leadership roles within these groups. The amount of responsibility and freedom offered to our students is something not readily given to young people.  Our students create their own vision for their clubs and develop a plan to achieve their goals.  Students also gain valuable experience in working alongside teachers. Saint Joseph’s teachers serve as the club advisors and help guide students to achieve their goals.  In doing so, students develop and foster mentoring relationships with their club advisors.

The unique interests of our students drive the clubs offered.  Each year students have a say in what clubs they want to explore.  This helps students to find their niche and to develop a sense of belonging with others sharing their same interests. Saint Joseph’s has offered everything from ukulele club, service club, student council, robotics, art club, board game club, and more. Engaging in something that they are passionate about enables students to dive deeper into their club goals to do some really amazing things.

What makes our clubs even more special is when they are offered. We understand that our students are busy and that staying after school for a club is not always an option. Consequently, Saint Joseph’s has carved out time every Wednesday so that clubs run during the school day. This means that every single student has the ability to participate in and benefit from a club during their time here at Saint Joseph’s.

Examples of previous clubs and activities include:


Board Games

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Computer Science/Computer






Ski & Snowboard

Student Council




At the heart of Catholic education is a commitment to each individual student’s growth and development as a whole person.

As more families choose Saint Joe’s, we rely on the generosity of donors like you who believe in our mission to form the next generation of leaders through a high-quality Catholic education.

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