WolfPack Store

Saint Joseph's partners with BSN Sports to offer quality athletics and spirit wear apparel for students, athletes, and fans 

What should I order for my student-athlete?
Prior to each season, the Saint Joseph's Athletic Director distributes a list of items by email required for team members.  Be sure to reference this list as you place your order.

NOTE: Student-athletes may choose to have their apparel items with EITHER of the following logos:

  • Fierce Wolf/WolfPack Logo
  • Cross/Academic Logo

Both logo types are acceptable for required team attire.  

To order items with the fierce wolf/WolfPack logo go to the Team/WolfPack Store.  To order items with the Cross/Academic logo to go the Cross/Spirit Wear Store. Orders must be placed by the due date in order for items to arrive in time for a given season.

Contact Dr. Rodkey at jrodkey@sjcacademy.org with any questions or if you need a copy of the list.

How about Fan Gear?
Fan gear/spirit wear items may be ordered from EITHER the Team/WolfPack store OR the Cross/Spirit Wear store.  Be sure to place your order before the due date.

Why are there two stores?
Items from the Team/WolfPack Store have the fierce wolf logo and/or WolfPack logo.  Required and optional team items and fan gear may be also purchased from this store.

Items in the Cross/Spirit Wear Store have the cross logo or Saint Joseph's logo. Required and optional team items and fan gear may be also purchased from this store.

Can I order anytime?
Unfortunately, no.  The BSN online store only accepts orders during a specific time frame.  Be sure to get your order in during that time.  No late orders are accepted.

Where will my order be delivered?
All orders are delivered to Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy about 4-5 weeks after the online store is closed.  Dr. Rodkey will contact you when your order is available for pick up or will give it directly to your student, if a student name is designated on the order.

I'm ready.  How do I make an order?
Use the links below to place your online order:


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy

901 Boalsburg Pike, Boalsburg, PA 16827
(814) 808-6118