Students at Saint Joe’s are called to be role models of the Catholic faith and to recognize the important role of their faith in the personal transformation they make during their high school experience.

  • Students must complete two courses (.5 credits each) in religious studies during each of their four years. This sequence of courses may vary for the inaugural classes.
    1. Freshman Year: Who is Jesus Christ? and Catholic Social Teaching
    2. Sophomore Year: Old Testament and New Testament
    3. Junior Year: Christian Morality and The Church & World Religions
    4. Senior Year: Sacraments and The Paschal Mystery
  • Students must participate in one school-sponsored religious retreat each academic year.
  • Students will attend school Mass. Also, students are required to attend/participate in special religious services that will be offered according to the liturgical calendar.
  • Students will be offered the Sacrament of Reconciliation at various times throughout the year.
  • Students are expected to participate in the delivery of chapel services at least once during the academic year. It will consist of prayer, liturgical readings, song, and reflection.
  • Students are to stand respectfully for the recitation of prayer at the beginning of each class.
  • The teachings of Jesus Christ are modeled by employees and practiced by students throughout the school day

Community Service Hours Form

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