NCEA Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday contributions enable Saint Joseph's teachers to purchase classroom supplies.

Did you know that the teachers at Saint Joseph's often use their own funds to purchase classroom supplies? It is their dedication to our students and school that leads them to so readily do this.  That is why this year, on NCEA Giving Tuesday (February 1-2, 2022) Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy is seeking to raise $5000 for the Joseph's Fund, which will be distributed to our teachers so that they may purchase the supplies they need to achieve their daily teaching goals.

How can I contribute?
To make your donation online using your credit card or bank information, click on the orange button to navigate to the online donation site:

You may also make your donation by check.  Please submit your check made payable to "Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy" with the completed Donor Form to the school office. Including the donor form with your donation helps ensure that your gift will be properly recorded.

Why donate on NCEA Giving Tuesday?
Like all Catholic schools in our area, Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy does not receive direct funding through school tax levies and bonds. Saint Joseph's relies on annual funds and campaigns. Your gift in support of our teachers and students will be used for classroom materials, academic enrichment programming, and other academic extras that tuition dollars do not cover.

Need more information?
For information about Giving Tuesday, the Joseph's Annual Fund, and other giving options contact the school office at or 814-808-6118.


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