Science Department Feature

Saint Joseph's courses help students grow and develop in their high school science career.

By Mrs. Tammy Badger
Social Sciences Teacher
January 2022

The Science Department at St Joseph's Catholic Academy is a place where you can find your niche in the science world. Students have a number of different avenues they can explore within the world of science.

Freshman take biology their first year to get their science experience started. In this class, students will be asked to view the living world through a more scientific lens in order to understand how living organisms interact and how they are made.

Students use their foundational skills learned from biology to take chemistry in their sophomore year. In 10th grade students will be able to think about how atoms are constructed.

Juniors take a physics course that ties chemistry into physics. In this class, students will be able to find out how matter interacts with one another.

Seniors have a wide range of classes to choose from as they finish their high school science career. These classes include Anatomy, Environmental Science, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering.

The ideal class sizes at Saint Joe's enable students to succeed and thrive in the classroom. Students are able to get more one-on-one help when completing labs, researching projects, and engaging in group work. We are able to help students grow and develop in their high school science career within the Research and Design class. In this class students are able to create their own hypothesis, test this hypothesis, collect data, analyze findings, and draw conclusions. Students then take their findings and compete in Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science state competition; where we have had countless students succeed. This event allows for a lot of new doors to be opened for students across the state.

Within our wide selection of science classes we are able to take the nature of the courses, teach successful methods of processing information, instill problem solving skills, and help grow a better understanding of how the world around us works even if we can not see it with the naked eye. Every year we are able to build off previous ideas to make the students walking out of Saint Joseph's well- rounded in all aspects of science, and ready to take on any science related task the world has to offer. We in the science department teach the mind to think rather than the learning of facts.

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