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Preparing for 2023-2024
In order to prepare for the upcoming school year, parents/guardians are asked to complete the re-enrollment process in the SchoolAdmin system for each of their current Saint Joseph's students who will be entering grades 10, 11, or 12.  The SchoolAdmin re-enrollment process includes completing and signing your student's tuition contract, as well as completing other important forms.  For most parents/guardians, this process takes about 10-15 min for each student.

Steps for re-enrollment

1. Log in the Saint Joseph's SchoolAdmin Parent Portal

Note:  If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot your password?" and follow the prompts

2. Once you are logged in, you will see your student's name under the blue "Students" heading.  To the right of your student's name you will see "View Checklist" in blue.  Click on "View Checklist" to see your student's enrollment checklist.

3. Click on each of the checklist items to view and complete each required form.  This includes the tuition contract and all online forms.

Note:  If you have submitted or plan to submit a STS application for need-based financial assistance, DO NOT sign and submit your tuition contract until you have received notice of your student's award. (see below)

4. If directed, submit hard copy, grade-specific forms directly to the school office as soon as possible.

5. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to complete your student's re-enrollment. This deposit is made through STS. Shortly after you submit your student's tuition contract on SchoolAdmin, you will receive an email from STS with instructions on how to make this payment.  This deposit will be applied to your overall tuition obligation. Please watch for this email message and contact the school office with any questions.

Note to families requesting financial assistance 
The tuition amount listed on your tuition contract is the amount that you will be required to pay for your student's enrollment at Saint Joseph's. All families who would like to receive need-based financial assistance must complete an application through STS.  For more information about the STS application process, click on the blue "Financial Assistance" button.

If you have submitted your STS application, you should wait until you receive your student's award notification to complete the contract.  In the meantime, please, complete all the other SchoolAdmin checklist items for your student. All SchoolAdmin enrollment checklist items must be complete (except for signing the contract) in order for financial assistance to be awarded.

If you have questions about your student's financial assistance application or award, please, contact school office at or 814-808-6118 .

If you have any questions about the re-enrollment process, contact contact school office at or 814-808-6118.


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