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Saint Joe’s is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

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At Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy, our mission to create and provide a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for our students, staff members, and community leads us to a set of beliefs organized around four pillars: faith, scholarship, leadership, and service.

We believe:

  • That God is central in our lives.
  • That an effective Catholic education develops the whole person spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.
  • That we encourage a diverse and well rounded community of students through the active support of, communication with, and involvement in society through service to others and to God.
  • That providing a safe environment that allows risk-taking is most conducive to the development of the whole student.
  • That this safe environment allows for the open support and sharing of the faith of each individual, and therefore helps us to find our own path to faith.
  • That students and families are best served in a rich educational program that combines academic rigor and high expectations of faculty and students.
  • That the continued development of critical reading, critical thinking, communication, and computational skills remains the backbone of an effective educational program.
  • That central to each student’s learning is a supportive, honest, and respectful relationship between teacher and student.
  • That we develop in our students a sense of personal responsibility and accountability by exemplifying these values in our relationships with each other and our community.
  • That we best provide for our students’ futures by instilling in them a life-long love of learning, providing experience with ethical decision-making, and empowering them to live their faith and become leaders in their communities.


A graduate of Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy exemplifies the four pillars of Faith, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service in that he/she is well-established on the path to:

  • Attaining a habit of reflection on experience and opportunities that may involve some risk or the possibility of failure
  • Acquiring a well-rounded education that seeks learning in an ethical and moral manner
  • Forming the ability to apply knowledge and skills in new situations by engaging in a variety of learning formats
  • Utilizing an organized approach to learning tasks which leads to convincing argumentation in visual, written and oral forms
  • Developing an awareness that learning is a lifelong enterprise beyond the transition to and completion of secondary education
  • Understanding the social and public policy implications of the uses of science, math, engineering, technology and social sciences
  • Creating a balanced life which explores all aspects of the human experience: intellectual, spiritual, cultural and physical
  • Practicing self-awareness, mindfulness, and integrity in approaching tasks and interacting with others
  • Developing the tools for discovery and critical analysis of resources as a way to realize knowledge and growth
  • Obtaining a growing global awareness that inspires a commitment to service and an appreciation of the faiths, ethnicities, languages, cultures, and needs of others
  • Understanding the gospel message according to scripture as evidenced by the life of Jesus Christ
  • Learning and incorporating the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in one’s personal, communal, & global life
  • Realizing a personal and communal mission in accord with gospel values of integrity, respect, service and justice
  • Recognizing their unique talents and abilities in order to develop them and contribute them to the greater good of society

At the heart of Catholic education is a commitment to each individual student’s growth and development as a whole person.

As more families choose Saint Joe’s, we rely on the generosity of donors like you who believe in our mission to form the next generation of leaders through a high-quality Catholic education.

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