Inclement Weather Procedure

Saint Joseph's students stay engaged and on track, no matter the weather.

The Saint Joseph's inclement weather policy allows Saint Joseph's to continue instruction with as little disruption as possible, and allows Saint Joseph's teachers the flexibility needed to deliver content using the most effective methods. The success of delays and virtual days relies on the cooperation of all Saint Joseph's students, families, and teachers.

Preparation for Virtual Instruction
When inclement weather is likely, students should make sure they bring their laptops, chargers, and necessary books/notebooks home. When the school is closed because of inclement weather, the building will be closed and students will not be able to access their lockers.

Delay and Closing Announcements
Delays or closings will be announced by our School Messenger alert system via text message and email.  Please email the office at if you find that you are not receiving these messages, so that we can rectify this problem.

In general, Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy follows the State College Area School District (SCASD) for school delays and closings. If the SCASD announces a delay or close, Saint Joseph's will as well. There may also be days when Saint Joseph's may delay or cancel even when SCASD does not.

If your student lives in a school district other than SCASD, your student should follow his/her home district's announcement for delays and closings. If your student's home districts delays or cancels school and Saint Joseph is in session, your student is expected to communicate with his/her teachers in order to make up work that will be missed.

Two-Hour Delays
When a two-hour delay is called, the first class of the day begins at 10:05 instead of 8:05. Saint Joseph's students will follow a modified schedule so that all of their usual classes meet. Students have a spirit wear out-of-uniform day on days when we have a two-hour delay, and may wear any appropriate bottom with a blue, orange, or Saint Joseph's top. Please see the Saint Joseph's Family Handbook for more detail about the out-of-uniform dress code.

Virtual Days
Thanks to our 1:1 technology program, instruction is able to continue on days when conditions prevent coming to the school. This means that the academic calendar is not disrupted because of snow days or other cancellations. This also means that students have certain academic responsibilities that they must fulfill in order for us to count these days as instructional days. Please read the following procedures carefully.

  1. All students must email their first period teacher by 8:15. This counts as their "check-in" for the day, and is required to be counted as present. PA law requires students to check in (eg. email) for attendance in order for a school day to count. The email does not need to have any specific content, and may be as simple as, "Good morning!" First period teachers will report their attendance list to the main office. With regard to excused absences, late arrivals, and early dismissals, all in-person policies will apply. Parents should email the office as needed, according to the Handbook.
  2. On virtual days, instruction will be either synchronous or asynchronous at the discretion of each teacher. By 8 AM, all teachers will make a post on their Google Classroom indicating whether the day's classwork will be synchronous or asynchronous.
  3. Asynchronous assignments are assignments that are completed by each student independently. If classwork is being completed asynchronously, teachers will post all materials by 10 AM. Virtual day assignments are due the same day at 7 PM, unless stated otherwise by the teacher.
  4. Synchronous instruction is delivered to all students simultaneously via Zoom. If a teacher decides that instruction will be synchronous, they will ensure that a Zoom link is clearly posted on Google Classroom. The following procedures will apply to synchronous instruction:
    • Students must log into Zoom by the beginning of class, according to the normal bell schedule. It is students' responsibility to manage their time and ensure that they arrive promptly for their classes on Zoom. Study periods, clubs, House periods, Mass, chapel, and homeroom will not meet.
    • Students must keep their cameras on at all times in class, must be dressed either in uniform or spirit wear, and should be in a public location within their house (i.e. not a bedroom or bathroom).
    • The expectation is that students will participate in a Zoom class to the same degree as an in-person class. This means that teachers may require students to participate vocally, through the chat, or both. It also means that students should not be on their phones, playing games, or otherwise distracted during a Zoom class. Teachers may assign demerits for violating these expectations.
    • Teachers may require students to remain on Zoom for the duration of the class, according to the bell schedule, or may dismiss the class to work on an assignment independently.
    • Whether instruction is delivered synchronously or asynchronously, teachers will be available throughout the day via email to respond to questions and assist students as needed.

General questions regarding the inclement weather procedure and online learning should be directed to the school office at or 814-808-6118.  Questions regarding specific teacher's expectations or class procedures should be directed to the teacher.


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