Virtual Online Learning

Virtual online learning keeps Saint Joseph's students engaged and on track

Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy requires online learning on days of school cancellation due to inclement weather or other reasons.  Parents and students will be alerted of online virtual learning through the SchoolMessenger system.

Below are the Saint Joseph's student expectations and requirements for virtual online learning days. Questions regarding online learning may be directed to the school office at or 814-808-6118.

General Information
The following are general requirements of all students:

  • The virtual online learning school day is 8:05-3:05.
  • Students must dressed in their school uniforms or Saint Joseph's spirit wear for all classes when attending online classes.
  • Homerooms, Chapel, Flex Periods, Clubs, Mass, and Assembly will not take place on online virtual learning days.

Students are to follow all the same attendance guidelines for the school day and classes as for in-person instruction:

  • Virtual learning days begin at 8:05AM
  • If a student is absent due to illness or is tardy or needs an early dismissal the parent or guardian must call the school office by 8:00 AM (prior to the onset of the 1st period) or email Mrs. Graham at
  • Teachers will report to the school office the names of students who are not in attendance for their class.

Instructional Format and Requirements
Below summarizes the instruction format and requirements for virtual online learning days:

  • Each teacher will provide a Zoom link their students for their classes.
  • Students must be on Zoom with their cameras on at the beginning of each class.  In most cases, student must keep their cameras on throughout the class.
  • Each teacher will instruct their students about the specifics of the class and the assignments.
  • Students may be required to be in attendance for the entire class period on Zoom.
  • Students may not attend class while in private locations (e.g. bedrooms and bathrooms) and may not be in bed.
  • Students may not attend classes via Zoom while moving around the house.
  • Students must complete all assignments and tests per the teachers' instructions.  Teachers may require hard copies of tests, assignments, and projects to be completed at home and turned in at the school office.
  • Teachers will follow their class guidelines for late or missing assignments.
  • If a student is permitted to leave the Zoom session during the class period, he/she must return to the Zoom session for the end of each period.
  • Students have a 3 minute break between classes.
  • If they are not on Zoom, teachers are available during online virtual learning days through Gmail and Google chat/hangouts during the class period.
  • If a student has a study period, this is a break from online learning for the student. Students will also break during the time of their regularly assigned lunch period.

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