Hall of Fame

Recognizing individuals who have helped define and advance Saint Joseph's mission and pillars

Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy annually reviews nominations for exemplary SJCA graduates to join the Alumni Hall of Fame. The Alumni HoF members will be honored by celebration and recognition at commencement, induction to the Alumni Council (est. 2023), and invitation to join initiatives at Saint Joseph's related to the development of the school.

Saint Joseph's Hall of Fame members maintain the spirit of the four pillars of Faith, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service long after graduation from Saint Joseph's. We bestow this honor on our most exemplary alumni and welcome them to be a part of Saint Joe’s bright future.

Criteria for Saint Joseph’s Alumni Hall of Fame Nominees
Nominees to the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy Alumni Hall of Fame shall be selected based upon the following criteria:

  1. Nominees must be graduates of Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy.
  2. Nominees are first eligible for selection five (5) calendar years following their Class’s graduation.
  3. Selection is based on both service to and success in high school career at Saint Joseph's and achievement after leaving Saint Joseph's, which shall include a worthy record in more than one and exemplary achievement in several of the following:
  4. Business/professional achievements – the nominee has demonstrated significant, measurable achievement in their chosen field;
  5. Professional honors and awards, professional affiliations, and publications;
  6. Civic or community involvement – the nominee has contributed leadership service to the community, state, nation or world;
  7. Personal achievement/accomplishments;
  8. Past or present service to Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy – the nominee has exhibited leadership support and involvement, which adds value to the school and its community;
  9. Fidelity to Saint Joseph’s four pillars of Faith, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service in personal and professional pursuits;
  10. Other appropriate qualifications which the committee believes merit consideration.

Nomination Process
Click the orange button below to navigate to the online nomination form. Complete the form and submit any supporting documentation to Mrs. Anna Rupprecht, Saint Joseph's Principal, at arupprecht@sjcacademy.org.

Nominations must be received by April 1st to be considered for the given school year's award. Nominations will be kept on file for consideration for three (3) years. If a nominee is not selected in the three-year period, he/she is remains eligible for re-nomination.

Selection and Award
Nominee materials will be evaluated by members of the Saint Joseph's Alumni Hall of Fame Committee, using the criteria listed above.  An awardee will be selected by committee vote, and the awardee will be notified by Mrs. Anna Rupprecht and invited to the awards ceremony.

Questions about the Saint Joseph's Alumni Hall of Fame may be directed to Mrs. Anna Rupprecht, Saint Joseph's Principal, at arupprecht@sjcacademy.org or 814-808-6118.


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