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Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy delivers a complete education, emphasizing excellence in mind, body and spirit for both Catholic and non-Catholic students.

We empower young men and women to pursue rigorous academic studies within a faith-based environment. Small class sizes and exceptional teachers facilitate meaningful enrichment, while the Gospel values of integrity, respect, service and justice inform our academic endeavors and social interactions.


Our FIRST ever graduating class from Saint Joe’s!!!

Sabirr James Breon 

Xinyi Chen*

James Richard Dalton

Stephen Joseph Forstmeier*

Jessica Lynn Elizabeth Grace*

Dominic Clayborne Gregory

Jonathan Corona Hayes*

Alexander James Lindsday*

Elizabeth  Marie McNitt*

Paul Milan Sepich

Alexis Rose Shelow

Caroline Victoria Wilson*

Evan Joseph Young

* Denotes those graduating with Honors

See the Class of 2014 Senior video by clicking here.


The first graduating students to attend Saint Joe’s for all 4 years!!!

Abdullah Mutlaq Almutlaq*

Page Anne Barnett*

Garrett Matthew Bastardi*

Kelsie Allis Bennett*

Samantha Joy Dawson

John Francis Driscoll

Philip Glenn Fenstermacker

Trenton Alexander Fye*

Tatyanna Marina Gonzalez

Brian Finnecy Hackman*

Yuna Han*

Riley Alexandra Haris*

Michael Joseph Jabco

Kelly Anne Jedrzejewski*

Araelia Rose Lopatic

Holly Jean Mangan*

* Denotes those graduating with Honors

See the Class of 2015 Senior video by clicking here.

Here are the speeches from our Senior speakers (Holly J. Mangan and Kelly A. Jedrzejewski) and our keynote speaker (Suzanne Pohland Paterno) from graduation on Saturday, May 23, 2015, at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center at Penn State University.  Click here to see them.

Alexander Kennedy McGraw

Mia Erin McLaughlin        

Sierra Jane Nagel

Mary Dorothy Polak

Yuhan Qi*

Gabriel Emanuel Sandoval

Caroline Elizabeth Shearer*

Morgan Delaney Sherman

David Andrew Sterner*

Cecilia Barbara Surovec*

Titus William Tice

Elizabeth AnnMarie Urbanski*

MacKenzie Renee Olds

Benjamin Matthew Wheeler

Caleb Jonathan Yarnell

Nicole Frances Zimmerman