Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships offer financial support to qualified Saint Joseph's students

Thanks to the generosity of donors, students, and families within the Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy community, Saint Joseph's is able to offer scholarships to qualified students. Without this financial support, some students would not be able to attend Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy.

Established Scholarships

Established scholarships help cover student's tuition and fees associated enrollment at Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy. Named scholarships include:

To learn more about the criteria for each of these scholarships, please, contact the school office.

Contributing to a Named Scholarship

To make an online donation toward one or more of the scholarships listed above using your credit card, click the orange button to be directed to the STS giving site.

Donations may also be made by check, made payable to "Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy" with the name of the scholarship listed on the memo line.  To ensure that your donation is properly recorded, please, include the Donation Form with your gift.

Creating A Named Scholarship

A commitment of $500 or more for a minimum of three consecutive years is required for the establishment of a Named Scholarship. To learn more, click the button below.

Need more information?
For information about the Named Scholarships and other giving options contact school office at or 814-808-6118.


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