Performing Arts Courses

Act Like You Mean It, Sing Like You Need It

The Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy Fine Arts curriculum offers a variety of courses for students seeking instruction in theatre and the vocal arts.  Below is a summary of Saint Joseph's performance arts courses offered. Course availability is subject to student interest.

In addition to course work, Saint Joseph's offers clubs for students interested in the performance arts, as well as the opportunity to perform in the annual school musical. Click on the "Fine Arts Club" or "Musical" button to learn more about these popular offerings.

For more information about individual courses, contact Saint Joseph's Choral and Theatre faculty advisor, Mr. Joe Hergenreder at


Theatre. In this semester-long course, students gain a general knowledge of the history of theatre, as well as terminology and practical knowledge related to theatre productions.  Students read and watch selected plays that follow the historical timeline, beginning with the ancient Greeks and ending with contemporary theatre.  Students gain experience writing scripts, memorizing lines, improvising, and acting in front of class.  Further, they are exposed to a variety of aspects of technical production, such as stage and costume design.

Vocal Music

A Capella Choir I. This semester-long, introductory course is open to all students.  The core curriculum emphasizes the basics of vocal technique, fundamentals of singing, music theory, and performance.  Students work together to learn and perform original arrangements of popular music.

A Capella Choir II, III, and IV.  These semester-long, advanced courses expand students understanding and expertise in vocal music. Students work together to learn and perform original arrangements of popular music.


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