Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees
Below summarizes the tuition and fees, as well as the payment process for Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy.  If you have any questions, please contact contacting the Saint Joseph's Business Manager, Mrs. Katie Sosnoskie at or 814-808-6118.

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees
The 2021-2022 tuition rates can be found below. In families with multiple children enrolled concurrently, there is a discounted tuition schedule. The student activity fee applies to each child registered and is not discounted.

Multi-child tuition plan:

  • First child: $9,200.00
  • Second child: $8,200.00
  • Third child: Contact Business Office to set up a meeting with the Administration.

Tuition deposit: $500 due by July 1st.

Student Activity/Technology Fee*: $650.00 per student

Graduation Fee: $150.00 per graduating Senior

*The student activity/techology fee allows Saint Joseph's students to attend ALL school retreats, and use and maintenance of school-issued devices and other technology—helping build our school's sense of community and encouraging the support of fellow students in their activities.

While the tuition and fees listed above represent the maximum our families would pay, the actual cost to educate each student is about $16,400. Saint Joseph Catholic Academy does not receive any dedicated parish or Diocesan funding. Consequently, the difference between the maximum tuition charged and cost to educate each student is made up by generous contributions from individuals, families, and businesses who believe in the value of a Catholic high school education and are committed to supporting the mission of Saint Joe’s.

Tuition Payment Management
Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy requires that all tuition payments are made through STS (Simple Tuition Solutions). Once a student's annual tuition has been finalized a link to set up payments in STS will be sent to his/her parent/guardian.

Payment Options
Four tuition payment options are available through STS and begin on August 1st.  Please note that credit card fees may apply.

  1. One annual payment for total tuition, due on August 1 through STS with no fee.
  2. Two biannual payments of ½ total tuition. The first payment is due on August 1; the second payment is due in January through STS for a $10 fee.
  3. Quarterly payments are ¼ total tuition four times a year; due August 1, November, February, and May through STS for a $25 fee.
  4. Ten (10) monthly payments are 1/10 total tuition, over an 10-month period from August through May, due each month through STS for a $40 fee.

Payments From 529 Accounts
We can also work with your family to accept tuition payments from 529 education accounts. To learn more about this option, please contact the Saint Joseph's Business Manager, Mrs. Katie Sosnoskie at or discuss how to set up this option.

Delinquent Payments or Special Circumstances
If at any time you are unable to make a timely tuition payment, promptly contact the Saint Joseph's Business Manager, Mrs. Katie Sosnoskie at or 814-808-6118  in order to make alternative arrangements.

Financial Assistance
Many students attending Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy receive need-based tuition assistance. It is the goal of Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy to work with each family to provide an affordable Catholic education to those who are seeking this opportunity for their child. To be considered for financial assistance, parents/guardians of enrolling students must complete an online financial assistance application through STS.  Click on the blue "Financial Assistance" button to view more information about this process.


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