Saint Joseph's Pillars

Education Built on the Four Pillars
The educational objectives, curriculum, and student life at Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy are built on the four pillars of Faith, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.  At Saint Joseph’s, we believe that a high school community and educational experience built on these four pillars is strong, balanced, and, most importantly, firmly founded in Jesus Christ.  These pillars give our students the highest chance for success both in the short and long term.

The four Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy Pillars directly spring from our school's stated mission and vision. To learn more about each of these pillars within the Saint Joseph's experience, click on the blue navigation buttons.

Recognizing the presence of Christ in themselves and others

Committing to personal goals for academic excellence

Living with integrity, accountability, and respect

Making a positive difference in school, at home, in our communities, and the world


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy

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