Vision and Mission

Our Vision
Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy develops the next generation of Christian leaders who embody our four pillars of faith, scholarship, leadership, and service.

Our Mission
Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy educates and prepares young women and men for lives of purpose in a global society through:

  • a Catholic values-based environment that nurtures each individual’s relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • a compelling and challenging curriculum focused on academic inquiry and critical thinking;
  • the identification, growth and development of personal leadership skills combined with the opportunity and courage to practice them;
  • engaged and generous community service and philanthropy; and
  • a foundation of inherent caring, integrity and respect.

Our Beliefs
At Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy, we believe:

  • Christ is the reason for this school, therefore we are all called to be visible signs of the Gospel message in our daily lives;
  • a Catholic education teaches faith, scholarship, leadership, and service;
  • faith formation is a collaboration between school, family, and community;
  • in the dignity and worth of each person;
  • instruction and assessment must provide for the diverse needs and abilities of all students; and
  • in continuous improvement through research, ongoing education, and implementation of best practices.

Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy

901 Boalsburg Pike, Boalsburg, PA 16827
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