We know that God chose Joseph to be the foster father of Jesus because he was a compassionate and caring man. He’s recognized as the patron saint of the Universal church, of workers, and of families.

Our founders selected Saint Joseph as the perfect namesake: family is at the heart of the Saint Joe’s community. Every student, every parent, every faculty member and coach, every board member, and every supporter who gives their time, talent and treasure to support our mission is a part of our Saint Joe’s family. Saint Joe’s is more than a high school… it’s a community built on our Catholic faith, and our four pillars of faith, scholarship, leadership and service. We are humbled watching students embrace and live these values both in school, and in the community.


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy is a college preparatory high school committed to forming the next generation of leaders through our four pillars of faith, scholarship, leadership, and service to God, our students, their families, and the community.


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy will serve as a vital component of communities in central Pennsylvania, especially for Catholic families, parishes and parishioners. We believe that effective teaching and learning rests upon the recognition of the unique talents and learning style of each individual. We maintain that the high school years are vital for young people to be exposed to a variety of opportunities–spiritual, academic, and co-curricular– in order to maximize the gifts God has granted each of them.

Saint Joseph’s will be recognized nationally for academic excellence and a Christ-centered environment that allows students to discover their gifts, develop them fully, and share them generously. Saint Joseph’s will promote critical thinking, teamwork and ownership through compelling and challenging work that builds on the fundamentals. Through stewardship education, social justice teaching, creative and expressive arts, academic endeavors, leadership training, technology integration, and community service projects, we are committed to the growth and development of the whole person. The administration and staff’s will continually analyze and evaluate programming to make curricular decisions based on the latest educational best practices.

It is our intent to maintain an intimate, family-centered school setting. Saint Joseph’s will be enhanced by the collaborative relationship with parents, surrounding Catholic parishes and schools, Penn State, and local communities. Through these partnerships we can provide caring Christian formation and promote individual academic expectations to ensure the success of all our students.

At the heart of Catholic education is a commitment to each individual student’s growth and development as a whole person.

As more families choose Saint Joe’s, we rely on the generosity of donors like you who believe in our mission to form the next generation of leaders through a high-quality Catholic education.

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