Why Saint Joseph's?

Great school years start at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy

You are known
Time and again, our alumni and students share their gratitude for being recognized and supported as individuals at Saint Joseph’s.  Our faculty and staff are committed to the advancement of each student’s personal journey.  We encourage each in his or her educational and personal goals.  Together, we tailor the individual learning and growth process.

Faith embraced and explored
Saint Joseph’s is the ideal place for students to embrace and explore their faith journeys.  We create an environment where they can do both without fear of judgment.  We are a place where students seek and often find their purpose.

Our graduates are ready to succeed
We actively prepare our students for the nation's finest colleges and universities through a rigorous and relevant academic program and comprehensive career counseling efforts. We use student-centered teaching strategies that encourage exploration, critical and creative thinking, and the development of advanced writing and oral presentation skills—all of which are vital for success at Saint Joseph's and beyond.

Ideal school experience
Our school is designed to maximize a student’s experience.  Classes and activities promote learning to the fullest by providing an ideal mix of collaboration and independent work addressing multiple learning styles.  Our courses and activities like the House System and WolfPack Ambassadors support and require our students to step into leadership roles.  As a result, students gain the confidence and competence needed for success at Saint Joseph’s and, importantly, the next phase of their lives.

Community is our strength
We embrace a sense of community purpose where we know why we are all here. Our students, families, faculty, coaches, and our staff are individuals who genuinely care about one another.  At Saint Joseph’s we look to live the commandment of loving others.  Our students look out for each other challenging them to be their best.

Ready to experience the difference?
We are eager to help you and your student get to know the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy community during either a Meet and Greet session or Saint Joseph's Experience Day.  Click the orange button to arrange for either a Meet and Greet or Experience Day.

We are happy to help! Please contact us at sjca@sjcacademy.org or 814-808-6118.


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy

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