Leadership Development

The third pillar of Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy is Leadership.

At Saint Joseph's leadership is leading like Jesus: being a leader that is called “to serve, not to be served” (Matt 20:28; Mark 10:25). Servant leadership is following the example of Jesus when he washed the feet of his disciples (John 13:1-17). Servant leaders place themselves at the service of the people, the mission and the vision. Servant leadership flips the typical leadership script by putting people ahead of power, just as Jesus showed us and continues to call us to do.

Important leadership skills include effective one-on-one and group communication skills, organization skills, decision-making skills, and motivational skills.  Further effective leadership requires being able to not only give, but also take, constructive criticism. The development of leadership skills is essential for successfully negotiating successfully through life's challenges. 

The Saint Joseph's experience facilitates growth in leadership in two main ways:

First, all students are encouraged and expected to become involved in school-based and extracurricular activities that not only put them in the role of being a servant leader but also an active, involved follower.  Examples of these include being a Wolfpack Ambassador or member or captain of an athletic team, serving as leader of a club, and heading a service activity. The blue buttons will take you to pages that describe in more details some of the leadership opportunities offered at Saint Joseph's.

Second, throughout the school year, specific days and times are set aside for engaging presentations and group activities related to leadership.  These include all school enrichment days and other activities.

For more information about leadership opportunities at Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy contact the school office at sjca@sjcacademy.org or (814) 808-6118.


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