COVID Response

COVID Response

Updated September 10, 2021

The health and safety of Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy students, faculty, and staff is our school's top priority. Click on the blue button to button to view a summary of the school's Health and Safety Plan that was approved by the Saint Joseph's Board of Trustees.  Click on the blue Diocesan Requirements button to learn more about Diocesan policies.

Below is an overview of the Saint Joseph's Health and Safety Plan:

General Information:

  1. Saint Joseph's will implement a full, in-person instructional model, five days-per-week, with physical distancing to the greatest extent possible using numerous safety precautions outlined within the plan and this notification.
  2. Our plan eliminates daily student temperature screenings upon arrival to school.
  3. Saint Joseph's students and school personnel will wear face coverings as directed by the PA Department of Education.
  4. Parents may request a medical exception for the face covering requirement for their student, using the required form and process outlined by the PA Department of Education.
  5. Visitors must wear face coverings.
  6. Students who must be absent for any reason will have access to class assignments through Google classroom.  Teachers will provide this information about this during the first week of classes.
  7. Virtual attendance (i.e. ZOOM) will not be required unless it is essential for an absent student to be in attendance for a class.  Teachers will determine the requirements for students’ that are absent.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting, and Ventilation: 

  1. Routine cleaning of any utilized spaces will be performed each afternoon. Additional cleaning will be implemented on an as needed basis.
  2. Hand sanitizer stations will be maintained in each entrance area, and students and staff will be encouraged to use them before entering the buildings.
  3. Water drinking fountains will continue to be turned off. Water filling stations will be available. Students and staff are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

Safety Protocols:

  1. Beginning on September 12, 2021, face coverings must be worn indoors by all staff, faculty, and students, unless a Request for Medical Exemption to Face Covering Requirements has been submitted to the school office.
  2. Masks are optional for all athletic activities.
  3. No sharing of snacks; pre-packaged snack bags preferred.
  4. Students will have assigned seats and must wear masks on the school bus. (per school district policy and federal mandate).
  5. Visitors will be allowed on site by appointment only. Visitors are encouraged to wear masks.
  6. Saint Joseph's will follow social distancing and contact tracing guidelines as needed.

The Saint Joseph’s administration will continue monitor COVID cases and appropriate government agency guidelines and will make all changes and adjustments to the Health and Safety Plan as necessary.

Questions about Saint Joseph's COVID response may be directed to Mrs. Frances Pollack, Saint Joseph's Health and Safety Officer, at or (814) 808-6118.


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