Joseph Hergenreder

Mr. Joseph Hergenreder
Teaching Faculty
Director, Theatre Program
Director, A Cappella Choir
Advisor/Coach, Strength and Conditioning Program


Education and Certifications:
BS, Pennsylvania State University
BMA, Pennsylvania State University
HMS Certification, Brookbush Institute
CSCS Certification, National Strength and Conditioning Association

Health, Nutrition, and Personal Wellness
Human Performance and Athletic Training
Strength Conditioning
Music Theory and Composition
Vocal Arts
Secondary Education

Teaching Since: 2012

Teaching at Saint Joseph's Since: 2012

Why Saint Joseph's?
Since I was hired shortly after graduating from college, I have spent most of my adult life at Saint Joe's. In many ways I believe I have grown up here and it has become a major part of my identity. The most rewarding part is getting to be a part of the students live as they transition from childhood to adulthood.


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy

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