Tod McPherson

Mr. Tod McPherson
Teaching Faculty


Education and Certifications:
MEd, Pennsylvania State University
BS, Pennsylvania State University
PA Teacher Certification (Level II)

Secondary Education
Higher Education
Science Education
Forensic Science
Science Curriculum Implementation, Evaluation and Coordination

Accompanying Experience:
Athletics Coaching
Evaluator, Standardized Chemistry Exams, Ministry of Education (Egypt)

Teaching Since: 1984

Teaching at Saint Joseph's Since: 2022

Why Saint Joseph's?
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and it has been a great place to work.  What I like best is the strong sense of community that exists here at St. Joe’s.  This communal atmosphere starts with the staff and extends to students and makes it a great school!


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy

901 Boalsburg Pike, Boalsburg, PA 16827
(814) 808-6118