Course Offerings

Course Offerings
Saint Joseph Catholic Academy offers a rigorous academic, college preparatory curriculum which enables our students to have a a solid foundation for their future college careers. For information about specific courses, course availability, and enrollment eligibility contact the Saint Joseph's school office at or (814) 808-6118.

Graduation Requirements
Detailed information about graduation requirements can be found in the Saint Joseph's Family Handbook.  Questions regarding these requirements should be directed to the Saint Joseph's school office at or (814) 808-6118.

World Language Requirement
To complete the World Language requirement, a student must take 2 years of an approved high school level course.

Elective Requirement
To complete the Elective requirement, each Saint Joseph's student must successfully complete the requirements for 1 credit in Fine Art course work and and one additional credit in Fine Arts or another subject area of his/her choosing.

AP Courses
Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy offers a variety of AP courses.  Students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the AP test(s) at the end of the course.  The cost of these tests is the responsibility of the students.  For more information about AP courses, click the blue "AP Courses" button.


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