Dual Enrollment

Earning College Credits in High School

The dual enrollment option allows Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy students to take college-level courses taught directly from their Saint Joseph's teachers and earn credits toward graduation at Saint Joseph's and a college degree at the same time.

The Saint Joseph’s faculty members are adjunct professors for the colleges for which the course has been approved. Further, the curriculum for each course has been reviewed and approved by the college/university offering the dual enrollment option.

Dual Enrollment vs AP Course
Taking AP classes or enrolling dual enrollment classes while at Saint Joseph's are both options for students to get a jump-start on college.

Dual enrollment means that a student takes a college course to earn both high school and college credit. When applying to college, a student may submit his/her transcript from the college offering the dual enrollment option to authenticate completion of the college course.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses, on the other hand, are high school courses with college-level curricula approved by the College Board.  Following the completion of an AP course, a student is eligible to taken an AP course exam to demonstrate mastery of the course material.  All Saint Joseph's students who take AP courses are required to take the corresponding AP exams.

Many colleges/universities offer AP credit. That is, if a student scores well (3 or higher, depending on the college's policy) on an AP test, he/she would be given college credits.  The eligibility for college credits based on  AP test performance varies by college/university.

Saint Joseph's Dual Enrollment Course Options
The list of dual enrollment options changes from year to year.  For a list of current options, contact the Saint Joseph's school office at sjca@sjcacademy.org or (814) 808-6118.

How To Enroll In Dual Enrollment Courses:

Mount Aloysius Courses:
Register at https://www.mtaloy.edu/dual-enrollment/

Registration opens September 1st and will close on September 24th. The cost is $65 per credit.  If you have any trouble registering, contact Mr. Andrew Clouse, Dean of Admissions. at 814-886-6480 or aclouse@mtaloy.edu

Saint Francis University Courses:
General information can be found at  https://www.francis.edu/College-in-High-School

For registration deadlines, payment information and a link to register, click here to download the Saint Francis Dual Enrollment Letter.

If you have any trouble registering, contact Ms. Gabrielle Cronin, College in High School Coordinator, at 814- 472-2811 or gcronin@francis.edu

How Do I Obtain A Transcript of College Credit For A Dual Enrollment Course?
To receive a transcript for college credit, a student who takes a dual enrollment course at Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy must contact the college or university which offered the dual enrollment course and submit a transcript request.

For more information about specific courses and/or enrollment eligibility contact the Saint Joseph's school office at sjca@sjcacademy.org or (814) 808-6118.


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