House System

Building Character, Relationships, and School Spirit

The Saint Joseph’s House System is unique among surrounding independent schools, and rooted in European tradition. Designed to generate a sense of fellowship, belonging and spirit throughout the student body, the House System gives students of wide-ranging interests and backgrounds a sense of tradition in the collective WolfPack student body, past and present.

Four Houses
All Saint Joseph's students are assigned to one of four houses, named after Catholics of heroic virtue:

Throughout the year, Saint Joseph's students work closely with their House members on leadership and service initiatives, becoming a close knit community.  Houses also compete against one another in academic, artistic, and athletic competitions.  The House System offers students lessons in collaboration, cooperation, and leadership.

House Leadership
Students are nominated and appointed to leadership positions within their House and represent their House as members of the House Council:

  • Captains (Seniors) oversee the House activities and meetings
  • Chaplains (Seniors) oversee faith-based activities
  • Mentors (Juniors) oversee leadership activities
  • Deans (Sophomores) oversee academic initiatives
  • Squires (Freshmen) help to plan service opportunities

The House Council consists of elected members who work closely with the House Advisor on all-school activities and events. Members of House Council serve on committees to raise money for student activities, plan community-building activities, and celebrate our school and Catholic education. Additionally, House Council committee members work with Saint Joseph's faculty members to plan the four Pillar Days, weekly masses, and other all-school co-curricular activities.

For more information about the House System at Saint Joseph's, contact any friendly Saint Joseph's House Council member or the House Faculty Advisor, Mr. Chad Walsh, at


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